Walk in Comfort with Birkenstock in Calgary

Whether you’re a fan of the socks with ‘stocks trend, want to forfeit your sky-high heels, or simply want to walk around in something more comfortable, our inventory of Birkenstocks in Calgary provide the perfect solution. At Arches, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of “shoes to fit your life”-Birkenstocks do just that.

Why Choose Birkenstocks?

The Birkenstock brand started in the German countryside when, in 1774, a man called Johann Adam Birkenstock registered as a “subject and shoemaker.” Since then, the Birkenstock name evolved and gained popularity throughout the world. Everyone from stay-at-ho

me mothers to world travelling supermodels rely on Birkenstocks for affordable, comfortable, and stylish products.

Birkenstocks are designed to fit your foot perfectly. When making your purchase, do the following:

Make sure your foot has enough room in the width (one to two millimetres of space).

Makes sure the space in the toe and heel areas allow your foot to move freely.

Well-fitted Birkenstocks not only encourage better posture–they actually last longer. If you want to fit your feet with one of the lon gest lasting trends of the last few centuries, choose Birkenstocks. Browse through our inventory, measure your feet, and purchase your own pair today.

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