Moccasins & Mukluks

Keep Your Feet Cozy with Moccasins in Calgary

Moccasins come in all shapes, sizes, fabrics, and furs. At Arches, we carry a vast inventory of moccasins in Calgary-browse our stock to find the perfect pair for everyone in your family.

Why Choose Moccasins?

Moccasins just make sense. For years, moccasins have offered the perfect solution for anyone needing to traverse hard and sharp surfaces. Native Indian tribes wore moccasins when covering the rough territorial geography of uncharted land. Recently, fashion bloggers and stylists have given moccasins the top spot on every “must-have” list-people now choose moccasins as more of a style preference.

Whatever your style preferences are, you’ll find a pair you like. Our Arches inventory includes Manitobah and Laurentian Chief moccasins in a number of fabrics and furs, including the following:




Rabbit fur


Stay Warm with Our Mukluks in Calgary

Originally worn by Arctic aboriginal people, mukluks have gained popularity throughout the colder regions of the world. In Canada,thousands of individuals rely on mukluks to brave the fierce winter temperatures in style. At Arches, we have a vast inventory of Manitobah and Laurentian Chief mukluks in Calgary.

Our Inventory

Whether you need mukluks for camping, hunting, running errands, or keeping your feet warm and cozy at home, we offer a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from. While most Manitobah brand mukluks have a durable leather exterior, Laurentian Chief brand uses a combination of leather and suede to snugly fit the mukluk against your feet.

Apart from the original style of mukluks, we also carry other Manitobah and Laurentian Chief products, including the following:




We have tall, mid, and bootie mukluks so you can choose the shoe that best fits your wants and needs. Some mukluks are adorned with pompons, beads, and intricate stitching, making the shoe more personal and unique. If you need a new pair of mukluks, browse through our inventory and make a purchase so you can stay comfortable and warm all year long.

Why Choose Arches?

At Arches, we care about our customers. We offer only high-quality, stylish, and durable shoes to our varied client base. We’re outdoor enthusiasts and want each of our clients to feel like they have at least one pair of shoes that fit into their life seamlessly. Check out our inventory to find a pair of moccasins that fits your feet.

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